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Lumen Lede

Three Decades of Vyvx
In 2017, Olen Perkins, Rick Gibson, Thomas Vu, Andrew Morel and Chad Fleming pose for a photo while working to support the Big Game in Houston, Texas.

The steam engines that powered locomotives were a powerful symbol of the first industrial revolution. Train depots like the Tulsa Union Depot in Tulsa, Oklahoma buzzed with hundreds of passengers and dozens of trains. But as new modes of transportation became popular, rail service declined, and the depots eventually quieted.

At the Tulsa Union Depot, the empty space was reimagined for offices. A place once synonymous with the start of the industrial revolution would become the headquarters for a service that would eventually help enable the 4th Industrial Revolution.   

Lumen® Vyvx® was one of the first to call the depot home.

Always evolving: Three decades of Vyvx

If you’ve ever watched televised news or sports, chances are Lumen Vyvx was behind the broadcast.

Vyvx originally set up shop in the Tulsa Union Depot in 1989 (they later moved to the basement of Tulsa’s City Hall). At the time, broadcasters primarily relied on satellite transmissions. But Vyvx used fiber that was fast, reliable, and secure, and soon became a popular alternative.

In January 1991, Vyvx recorded their first block of services, providing broadcasters dedicated circuits between D.C. and New York for news broadcasts covering The Gulf War. 

Thirty years later, Vyvx continues to thrive.

The tech’s long-term success isn’t by accident. Just ask Rick Gibson, Director of Vyvx and CDN Operations.

“We started with one camera and one video but had the foresight to expand our capabilities and network. The world of broadcasting is always changing. Our people and product inventory are always evolving,” said Gibson.

Careers dedicated to technology

“Technology still requires a human touch. Our people are the key to our success. They all share a commitment and passion for delivering world-class service on behalf of our customers,” said Gibson, who joined Vyvx in 1999 and is now its longest running manager.

In fact, most of the team measures their tenure with Vyvx in decades.

The passion of the people behind the technology is one the reasons it’s celebrating three decades of global success. Chad Fleming, Senior Manager of Network Operations, joined the team in 2007. “Vyvx is always evolving; there’s always a chance to learn something new, as Vyvx has always been a leader in the broadcast industry,” he said, explaining why he has stayed.  

Gibson and Fleming are just two people on a team of seasoned professionals that has seen it all. From delivering 32 consecutive broadcasts of the Big Game to delivering worldwide sporting and entertainment events, their daily work touches all professional sporting venues. 

A reputation for camaraderie in customer service

“Our customers recognize value in our reliability. That, mixed with our people and service, makes us a highly trusted partner with our broadcaster customers,” said Fleming.

That reliability extends beyond technology and into customer service. Over its three decades, the Vyvx team has built a reputation among its clients for being attentive and dependable. 

Jay Lebowitz, Director of Sales for Vyvx, joined the team in 2005. He says cohesive sales and support teams mean customer success. “The comradery of the team is unique because it spans sales, operations, planning and architecture. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else in my career,” he says. “It’s all about relationships. We have continuity of people and service that fostered a strong rapport with customers.”

The nimble Vyvx team that helped shepherd a shift from analog to digital is always ready for ‘what’s next.’ “That’s the thing about our people,” said Lebowitz. “Our teams are creative; they’ll always find solutions to fit any customer need. They’ll keep me inspired for the next 30 years.”


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