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Keeping Connections: CenturyLink Supports Small Business During These Difficult Times

By: Lisa Miller, President - Wholesale, Indirect, Small and Medium Enterprise, CenturyLink

As the world continues to tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, CenturyLink is staying connected with customers, employees, partners, vendors, and the communities we serve, and we want our clients to know how we are responding to this changing landscape. Your company’s IT services, and infrastructure are critical, and as a key provider of those services, your concerns are our concerns.  We’re a partner who is here to help.

We know that many small-business owners like you are facing difficult decisions related to your business, so we have implemented several new measures to support you. These include:

  • Waiving late fees and suspending service terminations due to financial circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is part of our commitment to the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge.
  • Suspending all data-usage limits.
  • Providing free emergency call-forwarding to ensure that businesses critical phone calls can be received on alternate lines.

Connectivity is more essential than ever, so our teams are ready to help you find solutions to the individual challenges you face. For example, our team in Texas reached out to the owner of a local restaurant after anticipating that he would experience a surge in take-out and delivery orders. The owner was grateful for our team’s foresight because, as it turns out, he needed more than just the additional phone capacity – he also needed a way to let his community know that he was there for them. We were able to help with both by installing a second phone line and providing the tools to allow them to quickly stand up a website.

And in Phoenix, a CenturyLink account manager saw a Facebook post from a small dance studio that was offering online dance classes. He reached out to see if their service was providing the bandwidth they needed, and learned they were having trouble due to limited upload speeds. The account manager researched their options, and the customer was thrilled to learn that their building was already fiber enabled, which made the transition to faster speeds seamless, easy and fast.

At CenturyLink, we understand the stresses you face during this unprecedented moment in time, and these two examples are representative of the proactive and collaborative approach our team is taking to support our small-business customers. Rest assured that we are with you, and we will do all we can to help you overcome these challenges and stay connected. Simply call us so we can help.  

I’m confident that we will get through this current crisis together because we will do everything we can to help keep you connected—today and tomorrow.

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