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Frequently Asked Questions


How has Lumen maintained its operations throughout the pandemic?

We continually monitor the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus) globally, using the most relevant and current information to determine actions to care for our employees and our customers, and to help ensure critical services remain available when people need them most. Our network has performed well throughout the pandemic despite significant increases in traffic volume across our network due to prolonged stay-at-home, learn-from-home and work-from-home situations across the globe.

In early 2020, we seamlessly transitioned about 75% of our people to a work-from-home environment with great success. For our technicians, who are critical to keeping customers connected, we continue to provide recommended personal protective equipment and follow CDC guidance to keep our people and our customers safe while they perform their essential work. In addition, we instituted some really innovative and creative ways to provide seamless service – including using videos and virtual partnership – to keep people safe throughout the pandemic.

What if I need a technician to come to my home or business for an install or repair?

Our technicians will perform installation and repair activities from outside the home or business whenever possible. For our residential services, we’ve modified our processes to enable our technicians to complete any exterior work and assist our residential customers to complete interior work over the phone. Our techs may enter the home with customer permission, if necessary, and if they determine together the environment is safe.

For business service, we'll work with onsite contacts to find options for safe access to equipment rooms and closets while maintaining social distancing guidelines. If we cannot complete an installation or repair, we will reschedule the appointment when we can safely enter a home or business.

Does Lumen require its employees to be vaccinated?

Lumen recently announced a vaccine requirement for its U.S.-based teams to comply with government requirements for federal contractors, as well as those of our business customers, many of which are also federal contractors.

Because of the importance of our company’s partnership with the federal government, and the application to any employee who works at the same work site or even visits the same site as a covered employee, this was the only policy that made sense.

How are you ensuring your technicians are healthy before servicing my account?

Throughout the pandemic, our incredible technicians have made it a priority to care for our customers. They recognize the importance of delivering service safely, which is why we are following CDC and OSHA guidelines. We’ve gone beyond best practices out of an abundance of caution to protect our technicians and customers. This includes processes such as Safe Connections, which promote social distancing.

In line with vaccine requirements for federal contractors, Lumen technicians will either be vaccinated or subject to routine COVID-19 testing with an approved medical or religious exemption.

Our technicians also know to stay at home if they are not feeling well. And we are thinking not only of you but also the customers who come after you, which means if a customer is not feeling well, we ask to reschedule install and repair appointments. We're committed to working together with our customers to ensure the safety of our communities.

How will you communicate if services are disrupted or threatened?

Business customers: We will communicate with you directly through your account representatives and enterprise sales account managers. If you experience service disruption, please create a repair ticket and use normal repair processes.

Residential customers: We will communicate with you through various channels depending on the specific situation. These contact methods may include social direct messaging, blog posts, email, text messages, and phone calls. If you experience service disruption, please use our Service Troubleshooter, or contact us to create a repair ticket.

Where can I go to stay updated on how Lumen is responding to COVID-19?

Please visit Lumen Newsroom - COVID-19 Support.

How can I optimize my internet speed/ensure I have the best connectivity?

Visit our connection troubleshooter to ensure you are getting the fastest speed possible.

How do I check for outages in my area? How do I report a disruption in my service?

Residential customers can contact us online to test their services or use our Live Chat feature on to troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing. We understand how important it is to be connected. Our teams are constantly monitoring our network, and we take every step to ensure our customers' services are operating normally.

Business customers can submit a trouble ticket through our small business or enterprise portal.

How can I manage my consumer account online?

We understand how vital staying connected is for our customers. We are committed to providing you with support 24 hours a day by visiting our website at to work with an online agent.

For other self-help options, please download the MyCenturyLink App at