CenturyLink Offers IT Solution for the Home as Remote Employees Settle in for the Long Haul

Company survey shows nearly 72% of businesses expect to continue with a WFH strategy for at least 3 to 12 months

As employees move to long-term and permanent work-from-home environments, heavy demands are being put on home internet connections which have turned into corporate networks almost overnight. Employees are using these personal connections to send private documents and sensitive company data across work locations, creating security concerns.

In response to this new business dilemma, CenturyLink is bringing the IT department to the home by tapping into its hybrid networking, cloud, and security expertise. The first step in solving the challenges of home-bound employees is the Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki Remote Connect solution, which provides a safe, virtual private connection from the home to a corporate wide-area network (WAN). Remote Connect is an extension of CenturyLink’s enterprise connectivity solution which can now be easily self-installed on top of employees’ existing internet service to enable greater security and a better way to manage the work-at-home environment.

“As the home becomes the new office, businesses need a simple, secure way to connect employees to their corporate network,” said Adam Saenger, CenturyLink vice president of Adaptive Networking. “Businesses shouldn’t sacrifice productivity and security just because employees are working from a new location. We designed our Remote Connect solution to provide the same level of network performance and security employees had at the workplace, allowing them to easily and safely create and share information across their business.”

Based on a recent CenturyLink survey, the timing of this solution could not be better. Nearly 72% of the companies surveyed by CenturyLink expect to continue their current work-from-home strategy for another three to 12 months, or more because of the pandemic, and 73% of those surveyed said they would consider adopting technology to prioritize applications for remote workers.

“This service offering is the first phase in our ongoing efforts to provide managed solutions for the new enterprise work model,” said Saenger. “We are confident in our portfolio of data, voice, cloud, networking, security and collaboration services to provide businesses what they need in any work situation.”

For more information about Remote Connect, businesses can call CenturyLink at 800-871-9244.




Stephanie Meisse