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One, two, three, and wow! Zoom And Lumen light up the office holiday party


The holidays are upon us. Yes, they will look a little different this year. But with Zoom delivered by Lumen, you can enjoy every minute, safe and secure in every sense of the word.

So don’t cancel the office holiday party. Make it even more festive by including everyone on your team, no matter where they are located. With Zoom delivered by Lumen, they can all participate in a live video gathering that’s the next best thing to being in-person. Crisp, clear high-definition video coupled with high-quality audio can accommodate up to 1,000 participants, with 49 videos displayed on the screen at any time. No matter how large or dispersed your team is, they get to celebrate together, face-to-face.

Encourage your employees to show off their holiday decorations in their home offices. Put the reindeer antlers on your dog, roll out the mkeka, light the Menorah. Be goofy. Have some fun! Know that with Zoom delivered by Lumen all the joy and well-wishing and warmth of holiday cheer will come through. You get the benefit of the Zoom video-first unified communications platform along with a secure, IP-centric network and years of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) experience from Lumen, allowing your organization to use Zoom’s best-in-class application in a secure, confident, and efficient way. Automatic ambient noise cancellation, a choice of virtual backgrounds, and a touch-up-my-appearance feature make sure everyone looks and sounds their best. So have a holiday singalong. Take photos of the on-screen team. And record the whole thing so that anyone who can’t attend live gets the benefit of the experience later, on demand.

Why choose Zoom delivered by Lumen? First, confidence that everything will work as planned. Get the benefit of a dedicated and experienced support staff who make sure that both Janine in Poughkeepsie and Ben in Hong Kong get the same effortless access to the virtual festivities, and that Wendy in Walla-Walla doesn’t drop off the call. And with advanced security features, you can “lock” your party and  expel or put attendees on hold which means no party crashers allowed.

Go ahead. Schedule the holiday party. Block off your team’s calendars and celebrate. Kick-off the festivities with confidence that you’ll get a UC&C experience so good everyone will feel the holiday magic, companionship, and fun of (virtually) being together. . Here’s to great holidays, and a bright and new 2021!