Lumen's Legacy

Lumen’s mission to further human progress through technology didn’t happen overnight. For nearly a century, Lumen has been a company built around the belief that humanity is always at its best when it produces innovative technologies that advance the way we work and live.

During the 3rd Industrial Revolution, advances in computing and communications technology brought the world powerful new tools, like personal computing and the internet. This revolution helped expand the global economy, deliver amazing medical advances, and improve the standard of living across much of the world.

Lumen was quick to recognize the extraordinary promise of advanced fiber optic networks, IP-based communications and collaboration solutions. We acquired leading innovative companies, such as Embarq, Qwest, Savvis and Level 3, allowing us to build one of the world’s largest global fiber networks and to operate a significant portion of the global intranet. 

With these growing assets, Lumen provided the networks that enabled the global adoption of new digital technologies, while playing a significant role in expanding telecom competition. Our presence helped give consumers and enterprises greater choice, better services, lower costs, and in the process, drove human progress forward.

Today, we are transforming our company again, specifically to address the dynamic data and application needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We see an expanded role for Lumen—integrating smart technologies, supporting machine-to-machine communication and the internet of things, distributing and managing valuable digital assets globally, and connecting computing everywhere to enable autonomous, real-time decision making.

We see technology as the cornerstone of human progress. It's a mission embraced by our approximately 40,000 global workers ready to deliver the talent, experience, assets and capabilities to meet the changing needs of consumers, government and enterprises everywhere.  

We have written a human story around who we are: pioneers, innovators, and people working for people. More chapters will soon follow as Lumen continues to chronicle the future of human progress.