Lumen Lede

Socially-distanced but never alone.

When COVID-19 hit, CenturyLink had to get creative when it comes to providing top-notch service while keeping our customers and our employees safe.

“Our challenge was to determine the best way to take care of our customers while keeping them and technicians as socially distanced as possible,” said Tim Walden, SVP Field Ops and Network Implementation at CenturyLink. “Project Alone Together addresses that challenge. We realized that many of the customer requests we were receiving could be easily done by the customers themselves, as long as they had a little guidance.”

Project Alone Together features our own expert technicians, who narrated and produced a series of short and engaging videos for the CenturyLink YouTube channel. The goal is to increase accessibility to the tools customers need to perform basic tasks without human exposure – things like completing a modified installation, increasing their bandwidth, or troubleshooting their internet connection.

“The videos aren’t just a lasting resource for customers – we had a lot of fun making them!” said Joe Hyde, Customer Data Technician for 20 years at CenturyLink. “I think it brings together our expertise and humanity without any dangerous exposure to anyone. It’s a win-win.”

While our technicians are available to our customers 24/7, this is just one more way the people of Lumen are innovating safer ways to do business. Check out Project Alone Together videos here.