Lumen Lede


Our customer-first approach resonates with our customers, and we are seeing more evidence of this by our recent recognition as the No.1 brand in Newsweek’s 2021 list of America’s Best Customer Service in the category of “Online Services and Digital Products, Internet Service Providers (ISP).”

The Lumen platform is designed to enable agencies to organize around their missions in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Today’s applications require something more than a centralized cloud model according to 82 percent of global IT decision makers surveyed in June 2020 by Quadrant Strategies. The centralized cloud is too far away for many enterprise applications, but many customers don’t want to manage on-premises at the level of distribution that their applications require.

The majority of global IT decision makers in a June 2020 Quadrant Strategies survey say the 4th Industrial Revolution will have a substantial impact on both society and the future of business, and 90 percent believe that a business’ ability to quickly acquire, analyze, and act on data will be a key factor in determining if they will be a technology leader in the future.