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Lumen Lede

Businesses need 400G service for digital transformation momentum
September 22, 2021

Enterprises are hit with a continual challenge as they accelerate their digital transformation strategies – the requirement for increased network capabilities to support their ever-increasing workloads and application performance requirements.  New adaptive networks driven by next generation optical Wavelength technology enables organizations to effectively manage that challenge. These networks provide businesses with the capacity to build digital platforms that deliver high-performance applications and experiences anywhere in the world.

Businesses can now turn to Lumen to take the next step in enabling high-capacity networks with a new 400G (gigabits per second) service on Lumen’s next generation network. Lumen Wavelength Service is utilized to help transform businesses by providing scalability with speeds up to 400G, global network coverage, efficient network operations, economical costs, and a consultative design approach. Here are a few other benefits of Wavelength Service:

  • Leverages Lumen’s extensive low latency fiber network in North America
  • Provides diverse and custom routing solutions that can be designed with latency commitments
  • Supports custom solutions from sales engineers and expert technical architecture groups 
  • Supported by account professionals and customer tools to help deliver positive customer experiences

In addition, customers also have access to Lumen’s Topology Viewer, a new portal feature that provides visibility into the Lumen network and enabling communication with sales engineers and others in designing wavelength solutions that meet their network needs

Lumen Wavelength Service is ideal for data centers needing business continuity and disaster recovery, large scale multi-national companies that need rapid access to vast amounts of data to make decisions, and industries such as banking, media, oil and gas, healthcare and pharma that adopt more effective and nimble data collection strategies.

The adoption of cloud and edge computing, distributed IT workloads, 5G cellular networks and the need to access data from anywhere, at any time, on any device, requires faster, more efficient networks. Wavelength service with speeds up to 400G can bolster network performance, helping support businesses along their digital transformation journeys.

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