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Lumen Lede

You got questions? We have answers.

Why decide to change the company’s enterprise brand to Lumen? 

Lumen Technologies, or simply Lumen, brings a different and new vision to lead enterprises through the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution – a time when smart, connective devices are everywhere. Success today hinges on the ability to effectively acquire data, understand what it means, and quickly deliver actions to be competitive. Our new identity demonstrates a new vision for enterprises in the digital era and demonstrates how far we have come from our beginnings. 

Why decide to change it now? 

It is the right time to introduce Lumen. Lumen brings amazing digital experiences and helps our enterprise customers take advantage of the emerging technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which has dramatically changed the business landscape and what our enterprise customers demand from us. We are delivering the platform to support existing and emerging applications to take them into the future. 


Why choose the name Lumen? What does it mean? 

We chose the name Lumen because it pays homage to our global fiber network foundation. But it also reflects the technology company we are today, one that delivers amazing experiences on our platform to transform how businesses, communities and government operate.   


What is Lumen’s purpose? 

Lumen and our people are focused on helping to further human progress through technology. We believe we are at our best as a society when we are creating technologies that drive real change. Lumen provides the platform to help drive this change.  


How does Lumen intend to differentiate itself with its platform?

The Lumen Platform is anchored by our vast, global fiber network. It is the foundation that allows for innovation. The Lumen Platform gives our enterprise customers the flexibility, security and the speed to power the applications of today and emerging applications of the future with critical networking, edge cloud, security and communication and collaboration solutions.


How does this affect the existing CenturyLink brand?

The CenturyLink brand is not going away. Our residential and some small business customers will continue to receive the important services and customer support over traditional networks from CenturyLink, which will operate as a separate brand from Lumen. Some small business and residential customers will have access to fiber-enabled services from Quantum Fiber.


Why did you decide to change the CenturyLink Fiber name to Quantum Fiber?  

We understand the importance of our fiber network in providing connectivity that makes our customers’ personal and professional lives easier. That’s why we’re introducing the Quantum Fiber brand to our fiber-enabled residential and small business footprint.


Is Quantum Fiber available now?  

Quantum Fiber will be coming soon to markets where we offer superior fiber-based internet services. Specific, market-level roll out plans are still in development. Eligible customers will be notified when services become available in their area.  


Can you only get fiber connectivity from Quantum Fiber, or are there other services available? 

Quantum Fiber is a subscription-based, prepaid, online platform for delivering premier fiber-based connectivity to residents and small businesses. Currently, fiber-based internet is the only service available.


What markets will have Quantum Fiber?  

Quantum Fiber will eventually be available in all markets where we offer premier fiber-based internet services. Specific, market-level roll out plans are still in development.  


Will Jeff Storey continue to lead Lumen? What about CenturyLink? 

Jeff Storey is the President and CEO of Lumen, which encompasses our three brands, Lumen, CenturyLink and Quantum Fiber. There will be no senior leadership changes as part of this rebranding.


Will the Lumen/CenturyLink headquarters stay in Monroe, La.? 

Yes, our company headquarters will remain in Monroe, La.  


What is changing from a financial perspective? 

The company is not making any financial changes as a result of this announcement. The company’s capital allocation strategy, dividend policy, deleveraging plan, debt structure and financial reporting remain the same. The stock ticker symbol has changed from CTL to LUMN.