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Lumen Lede

Lumen named 2022 Overall Network Security Provider of the Year
October 6, 2022

More than 4,100 companies nominated for this year’s Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

Ever since the first cybercrime conviction was handed down in 1981, cybercriminals and the security industry have engaged in a 40 plus-year game of Whac-A-Mole. Just when security experts mitigate one type of attack, another criminal modifies their approach and the game starts again.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are no exception. Criminals are constantly changing their tactics, while companies like Lumen continually fight back with new, creative ways to stop them.


Lumen’s innovative DDoS solution – Lumen® DDoS Hyper® – is one such creative approach, and today the company was recognized as “Overall Network Security Provider of the Year” by Cybersecurity Breakthrough. Part of Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, the 6th annual Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in information security and cybersecurity technology. This year’s awards program attracted more than 4,100 nominations from more than 20 countries.

Lumen was named “Overall Network Security Provider of the Year” because the combination of features available with Lumen DDoS Hyper are found nowhere else in the marketplace. These include:

Simple to order and configure

Because Lumen DDoS Hyper is the only emergency DDoS service available in a self-service marketplace, it’s easy to quote, order and configure. This is particularly important for companies that are already experiencing a DDoS attack. In addition, the service is carrier-agnostic, so businesses are not required to have Lumen as their internet provider to deploy Lumen DDoS Hyper.

Once customers order and configure service, one of the industry’s leading DDoS mitigation services is deployed and provides:

Cybersecurity for the agile environment

Lumen DDoS mitigation offers Always-On service, which always routes all traffic through a scrubbing center, or On-Demand service, in which traffic is proactively and automatically routed through a scrubbing center if an attack is detected.

As customers deploy new applications in new environments, they control the additions and changes to their sites, tunnels, protected IP space, and applications through a fully automated, digital experience that’s backed by Lumen’s 24/7, globally distributed Security Operations Centers.

In-depth defense

Because Lumen owns and operates approximately 400,000 fiber-route miles serving customers in more than 60 countries, we offer an extensive and deeply peered global network that acts as a first line of defense. For businesses that utilize Lumen for their networking needs, DDoS countermeasures are integrated directly into the network to stop attacks closer to the source at a massive scale afforded by the size of the network.

Proven threat and attack-traffic visibility

High-fidelity threat intelligence from Black Lotus Labs® (Lumen’s in-house threat research team) drives botnet takedowns and powers Rapid Threat Defense®. This capability provides automated detection of bots and reflective surfaces used for DDoS attacks, feeds that information in near real-time into the Lumen attack mitigation platform, and reduces attack detection and mitigation time for protected applications.

Next-generation scrubbing technology

Lumen next-generation intelligent routing technology sends excess traffic to super or regional scrubbing centers to help reduce collateral damage during attacks. This multi-tiered scrubbing architecture is backed by 170 Tbps of network-based mitigation capacity enacted at more than 500 global scrubbing locations and integrated into one of the largest internet backbones in the world. After most attack traffic hits a Lumen scrubbing center, it’s mitigated in about one second.

Continuous monitoring and support

Lumen DDoS mitigation services provide proactive monitoring and alerting using Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence and NetFlow directly from the customer’s edge routers, or from Lumen network edge routers if Lumen is the internet provider.

For more information, see the Lumen DDoS Hyper website at

At Lumen, we are proud of our world-class Security team and their relentless dedication to keeping our customers’ data safe. Because of them, Lumen DDoS Hyper stands out in the DDoS mitigation market for its self-service feature, emergency turn-up in minutes, and the extensive protection capabilities of the Lumen® DDoS Mitigation service.