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Giddy Up Partner… It’s Time to Head to the Rodeo!
June 24, 2022

By day, Jack Morgan may seem like a mild-mannered Procurement Manager, responsible for the strategic sourcing of contracts for a global technology company. However, outside of work, this Colorado native is the epitome of a “rodeo cowboy,” complete with the grit, fortitude, and yearning to take the reins into his own hands.

In addition to being the chair of the Colorado PRIDE Employee Resource Group at Lumen, Jack Morgan has served since 2014 as a Trustee of the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association, which is on the list of Lumen Cares 501c (3) organizations that receive financial and volunteer contributions from Lumen employees. Jack is also a Senior Judge and Board Member for the International Gay Rodeo Association and a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ community in the sport of rodeo and country western life.

Jack exclaims, “I’m so proud as a Lumen employee that my company is supporting our diverse group of professional rodeo competitors who come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Together we are united in preserving one of America’s greatest sports. This sport evolved from the challenging work of taking care of a ranch and farm animals. For us, it’s more than a competition—the rodeo is a state of mind and our way of life!”

Throughout the years, the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association has given back to the community by raising more than two million dollars to provide critical care to HIV patients, find a cure for HIV, as well as fundraise for LGBTQ+ scholarships and health and social welfare support. One of the association’s largest fundraisers is its annual Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo that takes place the first weekend of July at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. It is a great opportunity for spectators to witness the excitement firsthand of rodeo events from bull riding and chute-dogging, to barrel racing and goat dressing.

Jack reflects, “As I was coming out, it was important for me to find a community that I not only shared mutual interests with, but also felt a part of and involved with.” He encourages LGTBQ+ youth and young adults to get involved and volunteer with an organization where they can learn something new and connect with others who have the same passion. “My life changed when I started going to a local gay country and western bar in Denver named ‘Charlies’ in the early 90’s. It was there where I met an incredible network of friends who got me involved with the longest continuous running gay rodeo in the United States. I’ve been spreading the love of the rodeo ever since!”

What’s important is to be you, be strong and lend a helping hand when you can make a difference. Be happy and live your best life!

Years dedicated to the sport of rodeo has bestowed valuable life lessons on Jack, which he pays forward to emerging competitors. “With the luck of the draw, every situation or life challenge you are facing, no matter how big or small, can become a great learning experience,” Jack says.

“In the rodeo, we all have our good days and bad days. I always advise our rodeo competitors not to compete against each other because their biggest competition is themselves. What’s important is to be you, be strong and lend a helping hand when you can make a difference. Be happy and live your best life!”

Jack Morgan is one of many Lumen employees who are active in one or more of the company’s eleven employee resource groups and are creating a positive influence in the world. Lumen’s employee resource groups are open to all permanent employees.

You can learn more about our commitment to sustainable growth at Lumen and how we are creating lasting positive impacts in the communities that we serve here.