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Lumen Lede

Industries flex tech muscles to create future fit businesses
May 31, 2023

Change is constant. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my lengthy corporate career, it’s that nothing stands still. Our ability to evolve and adapt—coupled with a positive, grateful attitude—is often what separates success from failure.

On the road to change, I’ve experienced so many incredible moments of resiliency—both at home and at work—that have amazed me. Those moments were often accompanied by feelings of determination, passion and purpose.

Just because a company plans for the future doesn’t mean they’re in shape for the future. The companies that will prosper over the next decade are already flexing their tech muscles to help build businesses that are truly future fit. Enter the modern-day digital coach to help achieve those future fit goals. 

The time to get moving? Now.

Lumen has a front row seat to today’s tech transformation. We’re embracing change and new ways of working to drive transformation for ourselves and our customers. 

All industries, but especially the retail and manufacturing sectors, faced huge challenges during the pandemic. Some challenges were due to the incredible pace of change while some businesses may have simply gotten out of shape. Their increasingly data-heavy and interconnected online operations created new vulnerabilities loaded with risk.

Lumen successfully and securely pivoted to hybrid and remote work, thanks to our network preparations and foresight. Now we serve as a digital coach, helping create modern, secure and seamless experiences for our customers.

For example, to support remote workers, we are providing the U.S. Department of Defense with the platform for IT modernization that delivers secure, mission-critical communications services to the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency.

We’ve also recently saw a manufacturing company minimize downtime by fully leveraging SASE (secure access service edge) solutions to provide secure network access to locations spread out over several states.

The rise of remote and hybrid work—coupled with omnipresent cyberthreats—is forcing organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. They have an explicit focus on securing data-intensive workloads and applications, especially at the edge of the network.

Enter SASE with a red cape

Whatever the industry, SASE can be a real game changer with big benefits. It provides an enhanced bird’s eye view of network traffic and security operations, including at the edge of the network, so issues can be quickly fixed, operations can be simplified and cost savings can be achieved.

How does it work? More than a single product, SASE is a network architecture. It’s an ecosystem of technologies and services—including SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network), firewalls, gateways, zero trust network access and many others—all working together seamlessly to connect and protect businesses by tackling their networking and security challenges.

It’s why we recently announced two major expansions to our SASE product suite.

Flex your tech for what’s next

Planning for tomorrow is often too late; organizations need the flexibility and foresight to immediately pivot and adapt quickly to change. Luckily, it’s easier to do that when you work with the right business partner.

Creating a secure, resilient, future-fit IT environment that can help you weather shock and stress from any direction—whether it be natural disasters, cyberattacks or supply chain bottlenecks—is a necessity to keep your business running and growing.

Let’s talk about how we can become your digital coach so your business is ready for what the future brings.



Jay Barrows

Jay Barrows serves as Executive Vice President, Enterprise Sales and Public Sector. He leads a team of people who are obsessed with helping Lumen’s national enterprise and public sector customers build their digital future with Lumen solutions. Prior to joining Lumen, Jay held various executive leadership roles at GE, BraveHeart Wireless, EnterpriseDB and Red Hat Inc. He has consistently driven profitable growth by focusing on understanding and delivering the most relevant customer outcomes.