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Lumen Lede

Lumen Launches Global Trust Center
January 24, 2022

A conversation with Lumen’s Jason Lish, Chief Security Officer, and Hugo Teufel, Chief Privacy Officer


Can today’s business world really put a value on reliability, truth and honesty? At Lumen, we know those qualities add up to trust. In a discussion about Lumen’s approach to data privacy and security, Jason Lish, Chief Security Officer at Lumen and Hugo Teufel, Chief Privacy Officer, outline why maintaining our clients’ trust is of the utmost importance.


Hugo Teufel: As part of our commitment to value the trust our customers place in us every day, we recently launched an online Global Trust Center. Published on a voluntary basis, the Trust Center is the place where current and future customers, as well as other stakeholders, can easily find information about Lumen’s privacy and data security practices.

Jason Lish: Trust, transparency and security have become increasingly important considerations in a digital world. As a global tech company that powers the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we’re dedicated to protecting the security and privacy of our customers.

Our Global Trust Center is designed to meet the growing demand for transparency about the company’s specific policies and practices that safeguard the privacy and security of our customers’ data across the Lumen suite of products and services.

Teufel: Yes, and we also want to specifically call attention to our new transparency report, published twice a year as part of our Global Trust Center. This report features statistics about government requests for personal data and describes our policies for responding to law enforcement requests and our commitment to protecting user rights.

Lish: Lumen is dedicated to safeguarding our customers’ privacy while meeting the legitimate legal needs of government and national security demands. We continuously strive to implement world-class security and risk management programs to protect our brand, people, shareholders and data and to enable solutions that do the same for our customers, products and data.

Teufel: Our business is built on earning and maintaining our customers’ trust. Each January, the National Cyber Security Alliance recognizes Data Privacy Week to empower people to take action. Lumen is a proud Champion of Data Privacy Week. We encourage you to visit our Global Trust Center to see for yourself how we’re committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of your data.

Today, Lumen’s Global Trust Center covers six topic areas, including our most recent Transparency Report:

  1. Data Subject Requests. This is where customers can exercise their data protection rights by requesting access to data that Lumen may have about them.
  2. Details of Processing for Products and Services. This site offers access to Lumen’s Privacy Data Sheets that provide details on Lumen’s data processing activities for certain enterprise-based products and services.
  3. Lumen Privacy Notice. This is where customers can learn more about how Lumen collects and uses their information.
  4. Security and Compliance. This site provides information on how Lumen implements security and risk management programs to protect our customers, brand, people, shareholders and data.
  5. Transparency Report. This semi-annual transparency report discloses the number and category of legal demands for customer information Lumen receives from U.S. federal, state and local law enforcement and government agencies
  6. Trust and Safety.  This site provides information on how the Lumen Law Enforcement Support Team responds to requests for customer information from law enforcement agencies, from attorneys in criminal and civil matters, and from our customers.