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Lumen Lede

Lumen recognized nationally for valuing Generation Z, early-career employees
January 11, 2023

Lumen believes individuals just starting their careers bring unique value to our company. They are immersed in technology, have fresh perspectives, and often have boundless optimism about the future. When you put them into the mix on a team, they can provide the spark that fires up everyone’s creative energy. 
Lumen is proud that our University Relations and recruiting programs have received a Campus Forward Award. The award recognizes our investment in and hiring of next-generation talent through internships and entry-level programs. This honor comes from RippleMatch, a service that automates the job search process by matching students with first-round interviews, specifically focusing on Gen Z. 

RippleMatch selected Lumen from a competitive pool of the top 50 national large early career programs (251-500 entry-level and intern hires annually). The selection considered innovative recruiting strategies, caring deeply about the candidate experience, and making significant investments in Diversity and Inclusion. 
“Gen Z is a vital part of the future,” said Lindy Puttkammer, VP Talent Acquisition. “These early career employees are often digital natives, engrained in technology, who live and breathe it in all aspects of their lives. Our early career programs are vital to build our talent pipeline and help us deliver on our purpose: To further human progress through technology. " 

Bringing new talent on board 

Lumen promotes early career development through both structured programs and our ongoing hiring process. We have an annual internship program that focuses on extending full-time job offers, post-graduation, to select interns each year.  
“We extended full-time offers to more than 80 percent of the eligible graduating interns in 2022. Due to the reputation of our internship program, Lumen had more than 20,000 individuals apply for 2023,” said Lauren Terrill, Director of Talent Acquisition and University Relations.  

Additionally, we have early career professional programs in several of our organizations, including Finance, Sales through our College Connect program, Operations including office and field technicians, and Human Resources through our HR Rotational and Leadership Development Program. Beyond these structured programs, our hiring managers look to add early career talent to their teams.  

“Unlike most of the other internships I looked into, Lumen provided me the unique opportunity to be an actual full-fledged member of my departmental team starting Day 1,” said Chappelle Sparages who was in the 2022 class of Lumen Interns and is now a technical writer in Hybrid Cloud Operations. “They valued me as an employee, not just a student worker. By the end of the program, I was thoroughly prepared to enter the permanent full-time position offered to me both successfully and seamlessly.” 

Getting the word out

Recognition of Lumen’s efforts to attract early career talent extends beyond RippleMatch. WayUp, an early career social platform that enables early-career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers, named Lumen’s internship program #1 in its 2021 rankings. Lumen has also been recognized in WayUp’s Top 100 Intern Program list for the past four consecutive years.

Lumen engages with early career talent through a variety of avenues including on-campus and virtual events with colleges and universities and its social media channels. To connect with prospective employees, Lumen hosted three live social media events: in October, we hosted Intern Talk; in November, we hosted Technology Career Paths; and in December, we hosted Technician Careers in Operations. Lumen also hosted an Intern Roundtable live event on YouTube in July. 
Are you interested in a career at Lumen? Check out our job postings and stay connected with us on LinkedIn. We’re a great place for amazing people to start and energize their careers!