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Lumen Lede

Lumen Technologies + Zoom = an enhanced communication and collaboration experience
March 25, 2024

Imagine a world where you can communicate and collaborate with your customers seamlessly, without any disruptions, delays, or hassles. A world where you can leverage the power of the cloud to deliver exceptional customer service and support, while also increasing productivity, agility, and innovation. That's the world that Lumen Technologies and Zoom are creating together.

Lumen is expanding its long-term partnership with Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise communication, to support Zoom Contact Center solutions. Together Lumen and Zoom make it easier for businesses to talk to their customers using video, voice, email, chat, and social media, with Lumen connecting Zoom Contact Center solutions to its network.

To see how Lumen and Zoom are better together, visit the Lumen® Solutions for Zoom webpage.

"Our partnership with Zoom allows us to leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to provide the best possible customer experience and we are excited to expand our support to Zoom Contact Center solutions,” said Craig Richter, Senior Director of Product Management, Lumen Technologies. “Together we can help our customers improve customer support, drive business growth and unleash new efficiencies.”

Why Lumen Solutions for Zoom?

  • Move communication and collaboration services from on premises to the cloud easily, safely, and quickly. 
  • Access support, tools, and experts to easily implement and manage Zoom solutions, without stressing IT teams.
  • Talk with one provider to troubleshoot issues and handle any service-related questions.  

"At Zoom, we know our partners are critical in helping us deliver value to our customers,” said Colby Nish, Head of North American Sales, Zoom. “Our partnership with Lumen allows us to leverage their extensive network backbone and IP infrastructure to support our cloud calling capabilities and modern platform functionality, delivering even greater value to our joint customers." 

Lumen has numerous certifications that make the company a key partner for Zoom solutions. These certifications allow Lumen to provide value-added services to customers, such as designing, deploying, and managing Zoom solutions. Lumen is also a Zoom Carrier Reseller and Cloud Peering Partner.  

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