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Lumen Lede

The key to better business decision making. It’s data science.
July 11, 2022

The 4th Industrial Revolution – like a rolling earthquake of innovation – continues to shake the ground right under the feet of businesses. Does it bring chaos or progress? It’s really in the hands of decision makers. For those who decide to take the ride, the 4th Industrial Revolution brings with it an advanced use of data and the result will be an extraordinary jump forward in the story of our civilization. Getting the best results means a new level of learning on how to best acquire, analyze and act on critical data.

That’s data science. Data science is about the extraction of knowledge from the noise - acquiring meaningful and actionable insights from raw data. Data science can empower better business decisions.

The revolution will now be analyzed.

By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning, Lumen analyzes data to predict system and application outages or anomalies even before they happen. Our teams use this knowledge to create an algorithm – or a set of instructions - to remedy the problem or start an alert process.  

Our teams at Lumen use data science to revolutionize experiences. Our customers see improved results. Employees can now do more with less frustration and more satisfaction.

Intelligent data insights can be used to quickly identify potential issues like card failures that could lead to a network outage, application disruptions, or customer modems not performing correctly. By proactively identifying at-risk systems and applications, we can set in motion actions to resolve issues before a customer even notices an impact. This ultimately can help save our customers money, increase overall retention, and reduce process cycle times.

Lumen has done some cool things using data science over the past year.

  • Predicted and resolved more than 25 potential network outages.
  • Identified and applied remote fixes to customer modems eliminating the need for a repair dispatch.
  • Used natural language processing (NLP) to enhance our chat capabilities to ensure better customer experiences.
  • Conducted ongoing monitoring of internal IT applications to ensure optimal performance.
  • Automated employee access to critical applications.
  • Created a crowd-sourcing platform that fosters sharing of insights and approaches to solving business problems with data science.

Power to the people.

Data science generates data driven solutions that empower better business insights. Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence can drive automated processes to analyze data without human intervention – allowing all of us to get to where the future needs us most – proactive critical decision-making. How cool is that!

Lumen is using data science to propel our business forward as a leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We’re bringing our partners and employees with us – because empowering people with knowledge from data science that makes us better at our jobs is the ultimate best decision.

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