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Lumen Lede

Welcome home! Quantum Fiber makes community connections, addresses digital inclusion
November 15, 2023

The saying goes, there’s no place like home. Our homes are part of the fabric that creates communities—a means to connect with the people and things we care about. Yet not everyone has a home, a community or a connection.  

New homes, new connections  

For people who are transitioning from homelessness into a new beginning, a new home and self-sufficiency, it’s a move that can be made easier with help from the community.  

That’s one reason why the Quantum Fiber team in Arizona recently partnered with Life Startup Essentials, an Arizona-based program that creates custom home supply kits to help individuals from underserved populations transition to new beginnings.  

Working with Life Startup Essentials, our Quantum Fiber team is leveraging our network to accelerate digital equity and belonging for people in their new homes. Together, we created home supply kits and included bilingual instructions about how these individuals can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and see if they qualify for discounted internet in their new homes. The ACP is a federal benefit program that provides discounts and helps ensure that eligible households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more. 

Building out fiber and bringing much-needed connectivity have long been our expertise. Delivering affordable access to broadband means leveraging the power of our network to address the unmet connectivity needs and create more digitally inclusive communities.  

Going green for an Arizona tree planning

The Quantum Fiber team also recently came together to volunteer to help create some much-needed shade in Tuscon, Arizona.

Quantum Fiber team plants trees Quantum Fiber team


Working with local nonprofit Trees for Tucson, the team planted 73 trees to help increase the city’s tree canopy. Trees can provide many benefits—not only do they help beautify the community, but they also help to prevent soil erosion, create wildlife habitats, and help cool the environment in a cost-effective and socially responsible manner.

This tree planting is another important way our Quantum Fiber team is connecting with and supporting the local community—after having recently enabled 55,000 households in the Tucson area with blazing fast internet (with plans to enable another 25,000 households).