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Lumen Lede

Chief People Officer Ana White makes pay equity a priority
October 16, 2023

Syndio partnership sharpens company’s focus on equal pay for equal work 

In March, Lumen announced it has partnered with Syndio, the world's leading workplace equity analytics platform, to advance its pay equity goals. 

Six months into that partnership, Ana White, Chief People Officer at Lumen, sat down with Maria Colacurcio, the CEO of Syndio, to talk about pay equity, pay gaps, and the importance of accountability and transparency within an organization.  

Lumen’s goal in working with Syndio is to remove bias from pay practices. Lumen has been focused on this issue for years, and our efforts differentiate us from many other companies. Syndio's platform will deepen our understanding and helps us strengthen our culture of trust among employees. 

“(Advancing pay equity) is part of my job, not only at Lumen, but broadly in the industry,” Ana, who in September became the Lumen EVP of HR, said during the conversation. 

Pay equity means equitably compensating employees who do substantially similar work regardless of their gender, race, and ethnicity so that any differences can be explained by neutral, job-related factors such as market, performance, or experience. In other words, equal pay for equal work. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s the law. 

Pay equity is part of a larger conversation in infusing diversity and inclusion into everything at Lumen. 

“When I think about culture transformations, there's a few things that are extremely important,” says Ana. “I think you need to get employees bought into what the culture is, what the behavior is that needs to be lived.  

“Most importantly, leaders need to live that culture. They need to live and role model those behaviors every day. Then the culture and the behaviors need to be infused throughout the company in all of the people processes and the people programs so that they're not just words on a slide.

“That was one reason I'm very excited to join Lumen in partnering with (CEO Kate Johnson), her senior leadership team, the HR team, and really all employees at Lumen on this culture change with Kate at the helm.” 

Syndio’s CEO heartily agrees. 

“Every single study shows that teams that are from diverse backgrounds - whether it's economic diversity, racial diversity, or gender diversity - make better, faster decisions,” says Maria. “And ultimately impact the performance of the business.” 

 “The HR team and I will continue to share insights about what we are learning because it is a constant learning journey,” says Ana. “As Maria said, it's not static, it's always changing. These results show progress, but with any journey there's a road ahead of us.”