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Lumen Lede

Keeping customers connected and safe: A bank with a vision to innovate and mission to protect is changing the customer experience
July 25, 2023

Banks keep your money safe. With Horizon Bank, Lumen is working to keep their network safe. Celebrating a 150-year legacy, Horizon Bank serves more than 350,000 customers across Indiana and Michigan. So when Horizon Bank’s VP and Sr. Network Engineering Manager Mahendra Verma wanted to streamline the bank’s current technology, he turned to Lumen. His vision­­—reduce customer downtime and protect Horizon’s customers and their information.

Faster, better, safer: Reducing downtime and protecting customer data

In a post-pandemic world, financial institutions have been challenged with combating a surge in cyberattacks while coping with the demands of heavier online traffic—plus tougher industry compliance. In their effort to meet the demands of this new reality, Horizon Bank selected Lumen to help ensure a seamless, secure online experience for customers and help protect their assets.

“Lumen Dedicated Internet Access removed the need for me to run a link balancer to provide redundant connections in case of outage—which is critical as the most downtime I can have is 21 seconds,” said Verma. “The main impact on our business is that we now have a more cost-effective way to provide the 24/7 connectivity that our customers expect.”

Innovating to anticipate and meet customer needs

It’s a dedication to innovation that has allowed Horizon Bank to balance online convenience, industry compliance and data privacy.

“My intention was to just talk about DDoS—that’s the service I was looking for,” Verma recalled. “The way it turned out was that the engineer Lumen assigned ended up building a solution with me that also provided resilient internet access that would keep customers connected.”

Lumen provides the bank’s security architecture as well as Lumen® DDoS Hyper® to help mitigate risk. Lumen also brings dedicated internet access with high-speed, resilient connections. It’s a move that helped Horizon Bank quickly transition from legacy internet and security processes to an all-in-one, modern solution that benefits employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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