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Lumen Lede

Speed, security, flexibility: An emerging tech trifecta
February 23, 2023

Beyond the hype and headlines of emerging, decentralized technologies—think crypto, NFTs, Web3 and blockchain—interest from established industries is increasing. Industries across the board see a wide scope of potential in these technologies and will look to use them in new and unique ways. While these new technologies and uses may be diverse, they share a need for speed, security and flexibility.

Bringing U.S. Bitcoin’s newest center online: Bypassing supply chain delays and meeting deadlines

When U.S. Bitcoin recently expanded into Texas, the company turned to Lumen to help spin up its newest bitcoin mining center.

“This site is special—it’s one of our largest sites in North America, leverages renewable energy, and needed to be operational in about a month,” said Asher Genoot, President & Co-Founder of U.S. Bitcoin Corp. “By removing that time-consuming infrastructure deployment, we could focus on the other complexities of our expansion.”

While U.S. Bitcoin operates its own data centers, network infrastructure for the newest center was designed by Lumen. U.S. Bitcoin relied on Lumen’s network expertise and resources to quickly overcome supply chain delays and meet build deadlines. Offering Customer Premises Equipment (CPEaaS) as a Service provided a secure network of supercomputers with flexible gear and software to improve control and performance.

“We needed to quickly design and build a network that served our unique needs,” said Asher. “Now that we are up and running, we can easily remotely monitor and manage our thousands of high-performance computers to rapidly scale operations up or down.”

No easy task: Decentralized tech demands speed, security

In general, companies with emerging technology requirements need fast, secure and flexible solutions. And this trifecta must also allow for experiences as unique as the services they deliver.

For example, decentralized blockchain ecosystems are building on edge computing infrastructure to solve for improved data access and security. That’s because edge compute complements the needs of decentralized technology—it provides a secure, geographically diverse and lightning-fast network presence. Specifically, edge computing infrastructure that serves more than 95 percent of U.S. enterprise locations within five milliseconds latency or less.

Fueling the move from ‘what’s now’ to ‘what’s new’

Mainstream use of emerging technology is growing and evolving. Fueling that growth are solutions that hinge on speed, security and flexibility can help drive up adoption, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

“Our operations run 24/7, powering the network underpinning Bitcoin and keeping it a secure digital asset,” said Asher. “Confidence is key to securing our future.”

Emerging technology markets rely on innovation and trust. The innovative companies creating tomorrow’s headlines trust and rely on Lumen’s network and IT solutions to fuel their business.